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Awards for work:

Press Holland Awards 2017
‘Hieronymus Bosch: An Arbiter of Sinners’
Discover Benelux – March 2016

Press Holland Awards 2018

‘The Bountiful North Sea: Scheveningen’s Proud Fishing Heritage’

Discover Benelux – January 2017


Press Holland Awards 2019

'Connecting With Escher'

Timeless Travels - Autumn 2018


'Pride of Place: The Cultural Exchange of England and the Netherlands'

Discover Benelux - September 2018

The Rochester Tales

Winter 2019 - Timeless Travels

I was born and raised in the region of Medway in Kent, which is home to the Dickensian town of Rochester. But until recently, I never knew Rochester’s rich history. Discover with me the bountiful stories to be found, both fictional and real, as we travel from the top of a castle down to the cobbled streets.

When in Rome: Utrecht's Followers of Caravaggio

March 2019 - Discover Benelux

An old zen proverb states that to follow the path in any discipline, you must first find the master. Then, you must follow them, walk with them and see through them to finally become the master yourself. In the early 17th century, three young Dutch artists arrived in Rome to walk this path.

Flemish Masters 2019: The World of Bruegel

January 2019 - Discover Benelux

Continuing a three-year programme, Flanders will be hosting multiple events celebrating the 450th anniversary of Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s passing. After last year’s bountiful exploration of artist Peter Paul Rubens, Discover Benelux explores what Flanders has in store for 2019.

Frans Hals and Leonardo da Vinci in Haarlem: Capturing the Soul

November 2018 - Discover Benelux

In Amsterdam, you can share a coffee with a waxwork figure of George Clooney. Many have flocked to Madame Tussauds for that moment of belief that they are in the presence of a celebrity. But this is a tough crowd. Exposure to media has made us experts in recognising stars, testing the waxwork crafter’s ability to create a likeness. Outside the capital, the city of Haarlem is celebrating two artists who occupied themselves with the same challenge as Tussaud’s waxwork sculptors: how to convincingly portray a human being.

Connecting With Escher

Autumn 2018 - Timeless Travels

Nominated for 'Best Print Article' at the Press Holland Awards 2019

During a trip to the 'Escher's Journey' exhibition at the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden, the European Capital of Culture in 2018, I noticed that the city had many obscure links to M.C.Escher. This article explores these links despite the renowned graphic artist only living there as a young child.

Pride of Place: The Cultural Exchange of England and the Netherlands

September 2018 - Discover Benelux

Nominated for 'Best Print Article' at the Press Holland Awards 2019

At the Holburne Museum’s ‘Prized Possessions’ exhibition, you are summoned by a roar of colour in the far-right corner. Dutch painter Cornelis de Heem’s vanitas ‘Still Life of Flowers and Fruit Arranged on a Stone Plinth in a Garden’ (circa 1685) shows a tangled labyrinth of flowers slumped on a stone floor surrounded by decaying fruit and inquisitive insects. Away from its usual spot at Dyrham Park, the bursting flora demands attention outside of its opulent home.

The 11 Fountains of Friesland: Daring to Dream Big

June 2018 - Discover Benelux

In the winter of 2012, the Netherlands anticipated the announcement of an ice-skating race known as the Elfstedentocht. At the last race in 1997, a crowd of around two million watched speed skater Henk Angenent cross the finish line in under seven hours. For the race to take place, the ice of the entire 200-kilometre canal route around the 11 cities of Friesland must be at least 15 centimetres thick. That year, it was decided conditions were inadequate and the Dutch would have to wait for another particularly cold winter. They are still waiting.

Antwerp Baroque 2018: A City’s Love for its Beloved Genius

January 2018 - Discover Benelux

Over the next three years, anyone with a thirst for art and culture will be spoilt for choice during the Flemish Masters Project. As this exploration of Flanders’ rich heritage unfolds, Discover Benelux finds out what unmissable events await visitors to Antwerp in 2018.

Michaelina Wautier: The Overlooked Enigma

September 2017 - Discover Benelux

Michaelina Wautier’s second death is looming. Her first death was in 1689, in the city of Brussels. Her second has been happening slowly and quietly ever since; her personality and brilliance now barely clinging to life in snippets of old documents and just over two dozen paintings. The Rubenshuis seek to rescue Michaelina from a death of obscurity by showcasing the oeuvre of this mysterious painter within the former atelier of the renowned Peter Paul Rubens.

The Bountiful North Sea: Scheveningen's Proud Fishing Heritage

January 2017 - Discover Benelux

Runner-up for 'Best Print Article' at the Press Holland Awards 2018

You many not consider the Netherlands as a culinary destination, unless you are an avid fan of cheese. However, tucked away on the North Sea coast within The Hague is a place where the well-oiled machine that is the Dutch fishing industry brings the bounty of the sea from ship to plate.

What Lies Behind: A Rediscovery of Dutch Icons

August 2016 - Discover Benelux

In 2005, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa was given a new home in the Salle des Etats room of the Louvre. The four-year-long, four-million-pound refurbishment saw the painting hung behind unbreakable glass that protects it from changes in temperature, camera flashes and general damage. Viewers cannot get up close to the painting as it is cordoned off, under constant surveillance and only comes down once a year for maintenance. What the back of the painting looks like, or indeed that of any heavily guarded masterpiece, may not cross the mind of many.

The Little Street That Has Helped a City Shine

May 2016 - Discover Benelux

In the Dutch city of Delft, a museum has orchestrated an ingenious exhibition that welcomes home the city’s prodigal son, Johannes Vermeer. In light of painstaking research that has potentially solved one of Vermeer’s many mysteries, the Prinsenhof Museum’s presentation of The Little Street has shed light on a city that has forever viewed the Master of Light as a source of great pride.

Hieronymus Bosch: An Arbiter of Sinners

March 2016 - Discover Benelux

Winner of 'Best Arts Article' at the Press Holland Awards 2017

In an idyllic countryside, a scene of violence and immorality erupts around a golden mound. Desperate souls and opportunists stampede with open palms, tools and ladders to grasp for their share of this treasure adorned with angels. At the centre of the chaos, a man slashes the throat of another and the victim’s bundle of gold falls from his hand to reveal nothing but hay and grass.


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